4 Steps to Have a Successful Corporate Golf Event

Networking, building, and maintaining solid relationships, fundraising for charity, and increasing brand recognition are important for any business. Hosting your event at Queensland’s premier golf course is a great way to have quality time with stakeholders, and show them how much you value them. But how to have a successful corporate golf event? Regardless of your event’s goals or intentions, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your tournament is a resounding success today and in the future.

Brookwater Golf Course

1.    Understand Intent and Purpose

To maximize the value of your corporate golf event, be it raising money for charity or landing a new client, it is crucial to understand the stakeholders, why they’re participating, and what the ideal outcome is. Once you know that, it should be at the forefront of your mind while deciding between options.


2.    Choose your Format and Course

To begin, choose a format that best suits player capabilities or the style of tournament you want. A few common corporate golf event formats are:

  • Scramble – great “no-pressure” opportunity for a large event due to balancing a wide range of skill levels and having a quick pace of play.
  • Shamble – best for players of average to good skill. The team score is the sum of the two low scores for each hole and can be either Gross (no handicap) or Net (handicaps applied and deduced from Gross).
  • Modified Stableford – Another enjoyable format often modified to allow for the higher-handicapped golfer, the Stableford system awards points for scoring, instead of using stroke totals.
  • Team Game – This kind of format encourages teamwork and focus, and may be just the ticket if the competitive spirit of your event carries more weight than not.

It’s also worth considering your venue at this point. It is important to contemplate whether it is centrally located for the majority of your participants, what the atmosphere is like, and whether it can provide meals, add-ons, or even accommodation. While Brookwater Golf Course is considered a tougher course, we can help you to cater to any handicap level. View the course tour or watch the testimonies of others below:


3.    Provide Effective Value-Adds

As participants will be a captive audience for the corporate golf event, its best to ensure they are comfortable by starting the event with a good meal at the Glasshouse, before moving to the greens. Such a simple convenience like this not only promotes goodwill toward your company, it’s also a great way to ensure their participation in future events.

There are also endless ways to spice up the competition – long drive contests, closest-to-the-pins, marshmallow driving – the list goes on and on. Finding the right combination for the group and environment can help create a memorable event. With the help of a golf course professional you can add a lot of golfing aspects to your day. From a group of 12 to a crowd of 144, we have a range of value-for-money corporate golf event packages that cater to every need. Enquire online or contact us at 07 3814 5177.

Consider also a meal after the game, as it is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the game and spend some more quality time with your group and network with others. The Glasshosue provides stunning views of the course, the perfect backdrop to announce any prizes won on the greens.


4.    Follow Up with Participants After the Event

The final step is to follow up and remind everyone just how great of a time they had to create a positive post-event connection and foster future communication. This may take the form of a “thank you” note to participants, a recap of the day, cool action photos, or a combination of all three. A solid follow-up will give closure to your event and leave participants itching to come back again.

These are just a few tips for creating a successful corporate golf event. Our experienced staff has helped produced a multitude of golf tournaments of all kinds for organizations in many different industries. We’d be happy to help you make your next event a success.