5 Brookwater Parks for Families to Rival Brisbane’s!

When Greater Springfield was initially designed, much effort went into ensuring that there was safeguarded greenlands for parks. Over 45% of Brookwater, a suburb of Greater Springfield, has been dedicated as green space that will never be built on. This means there is many parks, walking trails, cycle paths and picnic areas for you and your family to enjoy whenever the mood strikes. We’ve put together a list of the 6 best Brookwater parks that will rival those of Brisbane.


Scenic Park Brookwater

Located: Cnr Pardalote Drive and Botanic Crescent, Brookwater

Parking: Available

Disabled Access: Yes

With an unfenced playground designed for younger and older children, a half basketball court, walking and biking paths, and picnic facilities, this park has something for the whole family. It has two sets of swings, one smaller and one larger sized, and a large sandpit. The park area is huge, enough for a kick around area or soccer game.

Multiple gazebos and rotundas provide shelter from the heat. The picnic area consists of two picnic table areas (one under cover), an electric BBQ, and available drinking water. While there aren’t toilets onsite, nearby shops provide toilet access. This scenic park at Brookwater has everything you need for a beautiful family day out, without the busy landscape of Brisbane parks. Why not read Brisbane Kid’s park review.


Myrtle Crescent Park

Located: 15-21 Myrtle Crescent, Brookwater

Parking: None Available

Disabled Access: Yes

Large grassy spaces provide room for games, and the half court for basketball, and playground equipment is sure to tire out the young ones by the end of the day. Recreational pathways wind through the park area for the whole family to explore. With multiple BBQs, power, and drinking water, this park is a fully-functional area for a lunchtime or evening picnic. There are covered benches, seats, and gazebos to provide great sun-protected areas and a place to rest. With so many options, there’s something for everyone.


Oakmont Park

Located: Cnr Turnberry Way and Melaleuca Drive, Brookwater

Parking: Available

Disabled Access: Yes

Everyone can find something to do at Oakmont Park, with its array of play equipment and picnic facilities. The kids will love to climb, slide, and glide with the playground, which features a slide, ladder, bridge, monkey bars, climbing net, and a flying fox for hours of entertainment! Oakmont Park also boasts a wide open kick around area, and the natural setting and surroundings makes for some fun wildlife-spotting park ranger play. The play area is unfenced, fully sheltered, and suitable for younger children.

Also included is picnic facilities in the form of gazebos, picnic tables, and benches, along with drinking water and garbage bins. Accessed just off of Turnberry Way, Oakmont Park is a family fun experience just outside of Brisbane.


Opossum Creek Parklands

Located: Scoparia Drive, Brookwater

Parking: Street Only

Disabled Access: Yes

Surrounded by the Brookwater golf course, the Opposum Creek Parklands is best suited for families with preschool to primary school aged children. The children have a wide range of fun equipment to play with, including a basket swing, fort with slide, rope bridge, climbing net, climbing mat, and other toys. Also in the Parklands is an excellent open field area and bicycle track. The play area is unfenced and unsheltered, so remember to slip, slop, slap!

The kids can play in the playground, open field area, or discover the pathways around the parklands while the parents prepare a great family lunch. A number of sheltered eating areas, BBQ facilities, and drinking water makes the parklands fully operational for a traditional Australian fry-up.


Oakview Circuit Park

Located: 90 Oakview Circuit, Brookwater

Parking: Street Only

Disabled Access: Yes

Also located near the Brookwater golf course, the Oakview Circuit Park is predominantly cultivated nature: a large area with a water feature and dense flora akin to the Roma Street Parklands of Brisbane. The playground itself is a fort with a slide and wooden bridge, a fireman’s spinning pole and a rubber crocodile for the kids to climb on. There are some recreational pathways to explore and discover different plants with the whole family. The open parklands provide a kick around area with seating and picnic facilities for a serene family experience. If you’re a fan of nature or want to teach your children different types of flora, then this park is fantastic for you! There are also currently fitness bootcamps held on Thursdays from 6pm, for a fun and heathy workout.



So next time you want to have a family day out, why not escape the hustle and bustle of Brisbane’s parklands with one of Brookwater’s top parks?