Course Tour

Hole 1

380m – Par 4

A challenging opening hole. A medium length par 4 into a valley with a gentle dog leg to the left.

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Hole 2

402m – Par 4

A fairly long hole up a slight hill, but a very attractive one.

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Hole 3

369m – Par 4

Very different to the 2nd, as the drive is played across a shallow valley uphill to a ridge, from where the fairway plunges steeply downhill.

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Hole 4

545m – Par 5

A very dramatic hole, but quite a difficult one. The tees are very elevated and the drive carries to a fairway in a shallow valley.

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Hole 5

163m – Par 3

A medium length par 3 which is played steeply downhill from a series of tees set into the bush rock.

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Hole 6

395m – Par 4

This beautiful par 4 is played slightly downhill in a steep raving, totally isolated in the natural bush.

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Hole 7

196m – Par 3

A long 1-shot hole played a little uphill from a series of tees which curve to the right.

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Hole 8

526m – Par 5

One of the most appealing holes on the course, the 8th is a long uphill par 5 played through a very steep gorge.

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Hole 9

320m – Par 4

A very short but demanding uphill par 4 played from tees set in the bottom of a steep slope.

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Hole 10

350m – Par 4

Another short par 4, this time from a slightly elevated tee to a valley, before sweeping steeply uphill.</span>

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Hole 11

357m – Par 4

The 3rd shot par 4 in a row, but very different from 9 and 10. In this case the drive is played from elevated tees downhill.

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Hole 12

325m – Par 4

Another shorthole, this time steeply uphill for the entire length of the hole and a slight dogleg to the left

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Hole 13

550m – Par 5

A very long par 5 but steeply downhill and will not play as long as it’s measured length.

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Hole 14

149m – Par 3

This hole is played across a natural watercourse to a green in a ridge which is slanted from right to left and is guarded on both sides by bunkers.

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Hole 15

402m – Par 4

This is a very appealing hole played along Opossum Creek adjacent to the National Park and once again surrounded by natural bushland.

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Hole 16

178m – Par 3

The trees at the 16th are located in the bush adjacent to the creek and the hole is played across the corner of a wetland.

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Hole 17

474m – Par 5

This reachable par 5 begins with a demanding uphill drive through a narrow opening in the forest from trees located on the edge of a creek.

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Hole 18

379m – Par 4

An interesting par 4 which sweeps uphill to the left and will play longer than its measured length because of the slope.

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